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Dr. Kavita Oommen

Kavita Oommen, PhD
Developmental Biology

Dr. Matthew Brewer

Matthew Brewer, PhD

Dr. Jessica Siemer

Jessica Siemer, PhD

About PracticeQuest, LLC

PracticeQuest: Pioneering the Next Generation of STEM Learning

At the heart of PracticeQuest is a deep-rooted commitment to transforming STEM education. Founded by experienced college educators, we've borne witness to the challenges and struggles students face in their learning journey - from the limitations of traditional teaching methods to the pitfalls of academic dishonesty in the digital age.

Our Vision:
We envision a world where every student, no matter their background, harnesses the critical thinking and problem-solving abilities essential for success in STEM. We aim to transform the educational landscape by addressing pressing issues we've witnessed firsthand in college classes:


  • High Attrition Rates: It's all too common for over 30% of students to drop out or fail their first-year science classes. This not only affects their academic journey but often leads them to abandon their career aspirations.

  • Gap in Skillsets: Many students, even those who excelled in high school, find themselves unprepared for the challenges of college science. This deficiency in critical thinking and problem-solving skills can undermine their confidence and academic performance.

  • Diversity in STEM: The underrepresentation of women and minorities in numerous STEM domains is a challenge we aim to address, ensuring a more inclusive and diverse STEM community for the future.

Our Solution:
PracticeQuest is our answer to these challenges. Leveraging the latest in technological innovation, we've developed a platform that generates dynamic, on-demand questions, making it harder for students to find answers online. Instead, our system promotes confidence through competence, encouraging persistent practice to truly unlock a student's potential.

Our Promise:
Our commitment is to the students, educators, and parents who believe in the transformative power of education. As we move forward, we promise to continuously innovate, adapt, and deliver tools that genuinely make a difference.

Join us in our quest to make STEM learning more engaging, inclusive, and effective.

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