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A new era in higher education

STEM educators face a host of challenges: from maintaining academic integrity in a digital age to ensuring that assessments are equitable and accurately measure true understanding. With the increased use of online teaching tools and the rise of easily accessible online answer repositories, creating secure, meaningful assessments has become more demanding than ever.

Stressed Man

Increase student engagement, save time, and maintain academic integrity with secure assessment creation

Designed with these challenges in mind, PracticeQuest's Assessment Creator offers a powerful solution for STEM educators.

Dynamic Question Generation:
Gone are the days of static question banks. Our tool allows educators to produce unlimited question variants that challenge students to apply critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

Enhanced Security:
With on-demand question creation, the risk of students finding answers on platforms like Chegg or through generative AI is significantly reduced. Your assessments stay unique and secure.

Alignment with Learning Objectives:
Craft questions that align closely with your specific learning objectives. Ensure that your assessments measure true understanding and application.

Ease of Use:
Our intuitive interface ensures that even those who aren't tech-savvy can navigate and create assessments with ease.

Confidence in assessment integrity

With our platform, educators can regain confidence that their assessments measure genuine student understanding and aren't easily compromised by online answer sites.

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