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College science classes are hard...

Don't get weeded out!

It's not unusual for a third of the students in introductory college chemistry and biology to either fail or drop the class. For many, that's the end of their dream of being a doctor, dentist, veterinarian, or research scientist.

College science classes are not just harder than high school classes, they're completely different. What works in high school won't work in college. Many students spend hours studying every week, but never learn to prepare the right way. 


Your key to mastering the gatekeeper courses in biology and chemistry.

As college professors we've never wanted to "weed out" students. We do everything we can to help students learn.  Unfortunately, too many students enter college without the critical thinking and problem solving skills needed to succeed in college science. And we don't have the time or tools to fix the problem in one semester.

We know that students don't need to study more, they need to study better. Practice is the key. We want our students to practice solving  problems and answering analytical questions, not memorizing facts and looking at flash cards. With PracticeQuest, students can get an unlimited supply of practice questions designed to align perfectly with the material they'll be tested on. With helpful tutorials and instant feedback, PracticeQuest's learning and practice tools guide students toward mastery of the knowledge and skills needed to not just pass, but excel.

The Testing Effect

The "testing effect" is a well-documented phenomenon in the psychology of learning. Actively challenging yourself frequently is the key to long-term learning and is much more effective than passive review methods often used by students.

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